Cool Swimming Pool Toys

If you are having a real struggle trying to get your kids outside to exercise, the answer is in your own backyard with an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool. Adults may be fine with taking a few laps around the pool, but to keep the kids interested it is a smart idea of have a number of super fun swimming pool toys on hand. The easiest swimming pool toys to buy are items such as water guns, snorkels, fins and goggles and even adults like to play with an inflatable raft or a beach ball.

Other swimming pool components are large items that add a lot to the value and appeal of your swimming pool, such as pool slides that make kids happy, starting platforms for the more devoted swimmers, and diving boards everyone can enjoy. Water games are also highly enjoyable for adults and kids alike, and you can easily find gear for swimming pool versions of such games as basketball, ping pong, badminton, tennis, polo, and volleyball. The underwater surfboard is one of the more popular swimming pool items, especially among kids who love their surfboards and skateboards, because the sense of balance they learn surfing and skateboarding transfers easily to a underwater surfboard. Swimming pool accessories can also be purely practical, such as the pool ladder and railings, often installed toward the deep end because it allows for a fast exit in case of sudden cramps or other emergencies. Always remember that swimming pools are more than a place for fun in the sun, and you have to keep safety in mind at all times, particularly when kids are around.

Fiberglass Inground Pools

The evolution of fiberglass swimming pools has almost rendered old fashioned vinyl or concrete in-ground swimming pools obsolete, as fiberglass pools are more cost-effective, friendlier on the environment, and easier to install. If you compare the sleek surface of a pool made out of fiberglass with the tough, scratchy surface of concrete, the distinction is like comparing glass and sandpaper. Fiberglass pools provide even surfaces that are easy on tender skin, while the uneven surfaces of concrete often leave cuts and scrapes and can easily snag and rip bathing suits. The divots and grooves in concrete also accumulate bacteria which germinate into algae, and the chemical makeup of concrete also spurs the growth of other potentially harmful micro-organisms. A fiberglass pool is non-porous and chemically inert, so you aren’t required to frequently clean it, or treat it with acid washes as you need to do with concrete. The typical image of concrete is one of strength, but it’s a fact that fiberglass is a lot stronger than traditional concrete, which is subject to cracks when the ground around it contracts or swells according to the weather. Pre-molded at the factory according to your individual specifications, fiberglass pools are more expensive than concrete pools initially, but the savings on maintenance expenses are significant year in and year out. A concrete pool will often take weeks to install and require the use of environmentally unfriendly chemicals to maintain and keep clean, while a fiberglass pool only takes a few days to put in and hook up and does not need those nasty chemical products to keep away even nastier bacteria.